Reply To: WDM 4.5.3 renames re-imaged devices

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So here is how it works, the units are set up to re-name themselves XPE008064XXXXXX where XXXXXX is based on the MAC address of the unit. This ensures the name is always different and avoids issues with duplicate names.

Seriously, if possible stick with this and allow the naming convention to stick.

If you do rename the device BEFORE you pull the image the name change process is set up not the run and therefore you end up with duplicate names – this is by design as there are cases where an image need to be pulled and the name kept.

If you REALLY need to change names here is what I would do as a few options, I would add first this is assuming the devices are non-domain members.

Option 1:
Don’t change the name before pulling the image, use Wyse Device manager to re-name remotely after deployment.

Option 2:
Don’t change the name before pulling the image. Create a VBS script to run once from the “run once” section of the registry to change the name. This way if the script fails at least you do not have duplicate names. So here is the flow – push a new device image out, it boots and disables the write filter (this always happens on first boot anyway) and the changename.vbs runs.

You will need to provide a mechanism for the script to generate a unique name based on your standard but without knowing what this is I can not help much.

I hope this helps,