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@ Darren_r, thats a nice enviroment with Wyse devices 😛 (we have like 300-325 not even close to you)

Regarding your problem, we have something like that currently going on at our enviroment.
We use S10/1125/1150 and V10L (for dual screen solutions) with up to date firmware (6.2.08 for S10/V10L, for 1150, for 1125) and it happends just randomly that some lose there connection and if you look at the Citrix Access Management Console it says like ~30 disconnected session just in 2 seconds.

We made post about it on Citrix board, see if it is Citrix related.
I’m not sure if the problem i have at the moment are the same as yours, but i still thought to post it just for the info.


When the users are disconnected and you will take a look in the eventlog you will see something like this :

Session disconnected from winstation:
User Name: username
Domain: domain
Logon ID: (0x0,0x1C31FC35)
Session Name: ICA-tcp#447
Client Name: DNA619
Client Address: