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If you are working on a S10 as I am, doing the following should get you printing.

Install the printer drivers on the Citrix Server. Restart the print spooler and check to make sure Citrix is registering the drivers. Take note of the EXACT name of the driver for you printer. Most likely it will be something like – HP Laserjet P1005 series. You’ll need this information for later.

On the terminal go into the printer setup. Ports Tab.

If its a usb printer, select LPT1. (I’m sure this is the case)

Printer Name: This doesn’t matter, put in whatever you want

Printer Identification: First test to see if the terminal will print to the printer by checking the Enable the Printer Device box and leaving Generic / Text Only in this field. If the printer spools up and spits on some numbers, its good. If not, keep going.

This is VERY important. This box must contain exactly what Citrix said the name of the printer driver is, Verbatim. If you want it to be printable from a Citrix session.

Printer Class: I select PCL5 for my printers.

Enable the Printer Device: Checked
Enable LPD Service to the Printer: Unchecked

These settings work for me, I hope you have the same luck.