Reply To: V10L Can’t Upgrade WTOS after accidental downgrade

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Thanks for the reply CG.

It looked like the network card was initalising after the the unit tried to connect to the ftp server.

There were networking errors while booting and it said that it couldn’t access the server although changes to the wnos.ini were being taken on board.

No config changes on the Terminal itself will save. The units would just just hang.

Tried setting below which didn’t work

Tried setting FTP server in DHCP which didn’t work

Tried the new frimware on FTP site.

Tried using the USB transfer tool with 1V12.i2d from WYSE but got “Unable to open source (boot-media_and _archive_size_check) Transfer error”

The older model units would work with all the above configraution changes no problem.

Also after about 20min of booting the units would actually be able to connect to our VDI environment and work without any problems

In the end I sent all the units back to WYSE and got them reflashed.

Lesson learn’t – set your Autoload=0