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all of our sites operate completely independently of each other and have their own fixed ip terminal server with which the thin clients will connect to, a dead router should only cut of the site from the rest of the world, but not affect its ability to trade.

our infrastructure team are against running a dhcp server on each windows 2003 standard server as it ould mean that in normal operation there would be 500+ dhcp servers on our network.

upgrading to 2003 enterprise and using clustered dhcp as a failover on each site is not financially viable.

in my testing I have found that in the event of the loss of a dhcp server, the wyse device will prompt for a static ip, which I am going to describe in a support manual. Helpdesk staff will guide the onsite staff to specify a static ip, and once connectivity to the site has been restored, and the dhcp server is available again, helpdesk staff will reset the devices to factory default and they will retrieve their config from the ftp server on 1st boot.