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I have successfully built kiosks for public use in our branches (I work for a financial institution, so security is critical!) for members to browse our website and use the online banking feature.

To really lock everything down, I have IE as the shell on an instructional page. When the user presses the OK button, a small batch script runs an IE session in Kiosk mode (so the back, forward, refresh, and print buttons are available). I also had to modify the browselc.dll file for IE which removes all menu items from the drop-down menus (File, etc.), so that even when a separate window pops up, the user doesn’t have any additional options.

Finally, I modified the registry to disable the ctrl and alt keys, which pretty much disables any special IE shortcuts, on top of using registry keys to disable the actual function keys.

I had everyone in my department try to hack it, they had no luck. If you want details or need some assistance, send me a message! 🙂 Oh, and FYI the current build is on a 9150. Have not yet moved my build to a V90, but it shouldn’t be a problem to port.