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you are talking about two different ways to setup Wyse Linux clients.

1. Configure one “master” locally and use WDM to pull the config afterwards. This will result in a WDM package based on a pull.conf file. This package can then be pushed to hundreds of other Linux clients. Make sure the target unit run the same firmware level.

2. Use a wlx.ini file with all settings. You can use the Configuration Generator to create the wlx.ini file you want to have. After generating this file you should copy it to ftprootwysewlx. Now configure your DHCP server to send out option tag 161, which is the IP address of your FTP server, to all clients (refer the Linux admin guide on how to do that) and reboot all target clients.

I would strongly recommend the second way to go as long as you want to use the same settings on all client. Tell us if this is not the truth and we try to show you ways around this “limitation by design”.