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OK, first of all I would recommend the “First Steps guide” from my website This describes how to set up the DHCP and FTP server to work with WTOS units.
Second thing, “wyseftpfbc4tc” is a hardcoded fall back FTP server on WTOS. This was implemented by Wyse some months ago. This way the unit can connect to a DNS server and if there is an alias to “wyseftpfbc4tc” it will resolve it and can connect to this FTP server then.
So, if you see that your unit tries to connect to this server, you know that your Fileserver (FTP server) setup isn’t working as expected.

Jsamuels, please describe in more detail what issue you have.
SNTP is beeing connected because you may have entered a timeserver on the WTOS unit or distributing the IP of your timeserver via DHCP.