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I am using a USB from Wyse instead of the C: drive, I don’t know if that is affecting anything

The boot screen just shows the Wyse splash, then looking for DHCP, then never finds anything and boots to windows… i’ve probably wore out the power button by now with all the powering on to try.

Should I copy the files to the c: drive from the f:? (i already have most of the files, I just uninstalled WSI and my c:/Inetpub alone.bat is gone with it, so im using the USB drive.)

The alone.bat file is edited to read “Pull 9V92 (My directory)” should I just have the name of the folder as the directory or the whole directory? I’ve tried both…

The SNTP on Tftpd32 says it cannot “bind the SNTP port Either you do not have the privilege or a SNTP daemon is already running ” and I have no idea how to fix that…

I fix one problem and run into another… all I need to do is pull a custom image…wish I could just transfer it via USB or CD lol

Thanks for your help!!!