Reply To: V90L Windows XPe Imaging across WAN query

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Hi WyseMind,

Let me try to answer your questions:

Central DHCP Server:
If you add the IP helper to the remote site router LAN interface you will get all WDM functionality. Your only issue here is the bandwidth required to push 512MB images. If you buy WDM enterprise you can use a local ftp server to sore the images on the remote site. You still have 1 central WDM server however one of the Wyse units holds the image so it will not have to go over the WAN.

DHCP in router:
When you hard code the PXE response pulling images did not work (in my testing, I can’t recall the issue). This should not be an issue as you would create new images in your lab locally rather than pulling them over WAN links.

DHCP Option Tags 161, 162 and 186:
These are not required for XPe, these tags only have effect for the other OS’s Wyse make. (Linux, CE and WTOS). No need to use them in your case.