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Good to see that you tried out sumatra. I highly recommend using a portable USB 2.0 hard drive or thumb drive and installing the menu on it. Then store all your apps on the removable drive instead of filling up the flash on the winterm.

On my winterm at work I have firefox, sumatra, sunbird, nero, winamp, ycopy, VNC viewer, VLC media player, Open Office, metapad, irfanview, GIMP, Filezilla, fastresolver, a copy of the windows XP calc.exe, baregrep, deepburner, abiword, 7-zip, and my own custom packaged portable version of Settlers of Catan (abandonware bigfish games version) — All on my portable USB2.0 Hard drive attached to the winterm.
This all comes to 973 MB, which is small enough to run on a 1GB thumb drive as well. I’ve just observed that my hard drive is a lot faster than a thumb drive is, so that’s why I chose that option.