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ConfGen, thanks and enjoy the rest of your day.


I’ll cost me nothing to try, and give me a world of benefit.

I guess I’ll start with just trying to get the flat file data copied to the second partition. (These things only come with so much space, so who better to determine how best to use it then the user(s)). Also, the the base image keeps a many things from installing/running. That’s not anybody’s fault. it’s just the cost of … well ‘Thin’.

It does not take long to realize that tailoring the unit to your needs increases its value tremendously and saves a world of time in trying to get something to work/run that never will. (e.g., perfectly good Thinstalled Apps) or Softgrid Client for [very]modest deployments. I have some off the shelf apps that don’t need to be installed but need to run on the client (streamed to memory) and access a usb device like a scanner (spectrophotomer) that collects color data (small text file).

Eltima’s tool for the USB over IP worked but not consistently; Vmware’s VDM (accessing the device thru the virtual machine on the server has always caused the VM to bluescreen and reboot the second I push the button to calibrate the device. TCX has never worked for me.

For the install, i’ve even joined the unit to the domain, made the temp & program files mapped to a network drive to get the app installed, then vpned into the network to run it. Only to finally realize that it was not the app or install but the build. It just wasn’t tailored for that. But the good news is that it CAN be.

In all fairness, it does do what it was build to do. RDP/ICA/VPN, etc. But since it IS a windows box I want to get from it what is needed and what the technology now provides for.