Reply To: Troubleshooting PXE – WDM Tips!? Any gurus out there?

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Looks for me like there are some fundamentals going wrong.
Do the following:
– Delete the device from WDM
– Log in to the S90 as admin and open Control Panel-WDM (maybe called Rapport)
– Enter the IP of your WDM server there
– Reboot the device
– It should now appear in the WDM console again
– Reboot it again
– It should show up with PXE enabled now

If not,
– check WDM – Configuration Manager if DHCP Proxy is activ
– delete all option tags on your DHCP server that are not needed by non Wyse clients, like 60, 186, 187

In the moment when your S90 waits for the DHCP reply for 20+ seconds, it should directly reply with either “Local boot” or “Rapport PXE” as soon as the client is know by WDM.