Reply To: Troubleshooting PXE – WDM Tips!? Any gurus out there?

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Well, I looked through some various posts and tried deleting my machine from the device manager in WDM and adding it manually and selecting ‘Imagable” and it seems happy and lets me schedule packages.

Problem is, whenever the thin client boots it just sits at the DHCP prompt with the spinning cursor and doesn’t go sits there at “DHCP….” then after 20 seconds or so says “no DHCP or ProxyDHCP offers were received”

Is option 186/187 the only options you need to set in DHCP for a thin client to connect to the WDM/Rapport server? There’s a couple ports that WDM uses – when the documentation says “For Option 187, enter the port of the WDM server”…which port are they referring to? I have Hserver at 80, so i’m using “80” for option 187 and “80” as the port number within the Rapport properties within the control panel on the XPe thin client.