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Does anyone have addons for the 3150SE other than WYSE???? Does WYSE have more they dont show??????
I just installed the Wyse media player 9 for CE and can play some radio and tv stations from VTUNER on the net.
How did I finally do this? I have a web site with a ton of room and download time that untill my son moves back out and gives my space back for my other hobby early tvs,
I dont use. So I ran the media player file, self zip, and put the files in a DIR, WYSE, on the web site, then I set up 3150SE ftp addon system to get files from the site.
It works except while playing radio and tv it dont let me use all features of other sites???
If by luck the media player goes away from the screen, while still playing, other sites now work 100%, but if I make it go away then they dont work?????
Anyone know anything about this?

Other item I would like is a windows explorer to look at all files, dir, ect. And I want this to work in stand alone mode not a got to use a server mode?

Did like above but with ftp upgrade. 3150 max upgrade 559? I see S30 goes way past that, can a S30 upgrade be used in the 3150se? I put a 3150 upgrade into a S30 and it seems to work? I used raw write, and that dont care what unit you put it into.