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Hi There are two methods I can think of.

One. Delete the automatic detected version and manually enter the details ensuring at the end you check the imageable box.

Two. Coming up as “imageable” “No” usually means it won’t actually work. There are several issues
a, are you on same subnet as WDM/Rapport?
b. seperate subnet
c. WAN

If a. above
Usually if on same subnet make sure you are not using WDM as DHCP as well. WDM should be fixed IP. Disable DHCP in services on WDM. Delete workstation you want to image. Rediscover is it imageable?

if b. or c. above it will be problems with helpers and or switches I have all Cisco (Core layer 3) put IP helpers on routers and check switch for fastport.

Best suggestions I have at this time, somebody else may have more