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Its me again. My #5 3150SE was stuck in a loop, the log on and off to the server was set on auto so it went trying to log on, cant, log off, trying to log on, cant, ect ect.
I dont know how many times this was going to happen before it would stop if ever?

I found a Usb mem stick image that after the bios was updated would boot into a save Raw flash image all 32meg on the usb mem stick and then could push this 32meg back into another unit. The get image on to mem stick took 15min, the push into a different unit took 5 min.
So I took a image from a unit I had already started to set up and pushed it into #5, I am stuck in a loop unit and got a unit that is a twin and no longer loops. I guess I now have my own USB IMAGER that takes any CE, LINUX, XPE image and lets you put it into as many units as you want??????
Will test this more later, as I have only tried on 1 3150SE so far.

Does anyone have a 3150SE with CE that they use in stand alone mode and that they have built up the CE into more then it was? I am interested in what you have done and what you have?
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