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I have experienced the same problem with a sticky MAC address. Every time I send an image to a thinclient (in my case v90LE XPE), the discovered record in WDM(4.5.3) gets an additional record with the same devicename and a ghost MAC address. This is very annoying because only the new record can be used tot send jobs to. The MAC address is owned by the thinclient that I used to build my image.

I have a separate development environment where I create images. At first I thought that because I connected (only once) the development Thinclient to the production network I corrupted the WDM database in some way. After removing the developement Thinclient and reinstaling WDM with a clean database I still had the problem. So I suspected that my image in some way stored the MAC address of the development thinclient.

After building a new image from scratch (wyse build 596) the problem went away. My original image was also based on build 596 so probably something went wrong during the building process but I don’t know what?

Hope this is some help.