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We’re getting there….

Installed WSI & TFTPD on my server and followed the quick reference guide (except changing the scope of my dhcp as I have other live services).

Booted the 3150, (Boot order: HDD, PXE, USB) and it found DHCP and got a DHCP address, gateway etc. Initially it wouldn’t see the boot server until I changed the server’s NIC gateway from to and then all OK.

It then found TFTPD and received it’s .i2d file successfully and continued through a long script.

At the end of the script the 3150 rebooted but went throught the loop again and again.

After a few reboots I closed TFTPD and WSI to remove them from the PXE environment. The device then gave an error of PXE-E32 TFTPD Timeout.

Does this mean that the flash has failed? The logs directory is completely empty (C:inetpubftprootRapportToolssalogs) so I have no other information to offer.

Any ideas?

I downloaded from here:

The tope firmware Version: 5.0 Build: 559 US – CE WFR2 release, assuming that it’s the right one for my unit (although the one underneath looks different….?

I used the WSI download link at the bottom of the same page (v1.3.2)