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Run setup.exe -s

some more infos I found:
InstallSilently=1 <- leave 1
TargetDir= <- Target Directory (obvious)
UserFullName=Rapport User <-This is the user name from the Customer Information screen
CompanyName=Rapport Client <- like Username above
LicenseKey=xxxxxxxx <- By default, the install supplies a Workgroup 750-seat Sale key. Enter a value here to supply a different key
FeatureTree=DRWSU <- This argument is needed only if an Enterprise key has been specified. To install all components, the value for the argument is DRWSU, where D is for Database, R is for Repository, W is for HServer (“Webâ€￾), S is for Standard Services, and U is for UI (the MMC Snap-In).
EntDBLocation= <- Enterprise Database Location. This argument must be used when installing across multiple servers
FTPLocation= <- (obvious)
FTPUser= <- (obvious)
FTPPassword= <- (obvious) These three FTP arguments must be used together—if you use one, you must use all three
DBLocation=W2S_A <- (obvious)
DBUser=sa <- (obvious)
DBPassword=password <- (obvious) These three DB arguments must be used together—if you use one, you must use all three. Only use if you do not use MSDE.
InstallType=CUSTOM <- Value must be either TYPICAL or CUSTOM. If the value is TYPICAL, no other arguments are required—the install will use default selections for all other options.