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Great BlackBurn, email it to me and I will post or use the Submit News link,


As promised a small explanation how we image our Wyse thinclients.
Due the lack of time, it is just a small explanation, but if you still have questions or problems,
don’t hestitate to post to this forum or contact me.
In the future I hope to write a detailed tutorial.

This method is completlye different than the method of Wyse WDM/Rapport.
We are very happy with it, but I’m not going to say this method is better.
I think you have to try for yourself which you like most.

It takes us about 2minutes to image an Wyse thinclient even if we image 10 or more at once.
Litlle sidenote, we don’t use Rapport/WDM at all.

How does it work.
The idea is very simple, we create a server, very simple one, which runs a DHCP service(for example TFTP included in the package) and contains the images.
We place this server in its own network, watch out, separate from other networks(otherwise the DHCP serivce can cause some problems!)

Now connect a thinclient to this network and start it up, the client will receive a PXE package, this
PXE package will load an imagefile (kind of bootfloppy) to the memory.
Cause this image contains a editted Windows bootfloppy it will start-up and load some networkdrivers (V90, V90L and the J400 have all the same network card), it also gets its own computername (see autoexec.bat) with a simple program in we made in QBasic in combination with an reg file. Cause the different computernames we are able to image more clients at once.

After this there is created a networkmapping and with a program called pciscan, this program looks for differences in the hardware so it knows which image it has to place on the client.
It will start a BIOS update or Ghost.
After all the work is done, it powersoff the machine.

What you (probably) need to change
The boot image is called boot.imz you can open it with winimage, it contains autoexec.bat which contains
all the commands that are executed at the boot.
Further you need to copy pciscan,, poweroff.exe, test1.bat and eventually if you want to flash the BIOS you need to copy Uniflash.exe to the networkshare. You also need to copy Ghost.exe to this share, but since ghost isn’t freeware I haven’t included it in the package.

Don’t forget to add pxelinux.0 to the PXE startup service in the DHCP service.

The most important thing you need to edit is autoexec.bat, cause it contains all the information about the start-up and imaging process as we do it even the Dutch commentaries are there.
Another thing you maybe want to edit is it is combined with pciscan.exe to recognize the type of cliënt.

If those two files are editted correctly then everything should work like a charm.

We use the this method for almost 2years now and is incredibly fast (about 2minutes een with 10clients at once)

If everything seems to work fine, it isn’t necessary to plugin the mouse, keyboard and monitor everytime.

Still got questions or problems don’t hestitate to contact me.

The package:

, it is very basic and short explanation, but feel free to add it to your site.