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Thanks ConfGen. I even tried this one but same result.

All the scripts that i tried in all different ways including the tool below works great when you manually execute on the Wyse unit.

When i execute the command on the Wyse unit manually it works great. But, when i execute the same thing thru Rapport Package the script runs successfully and you also get the message that the default printer has been set but does not change it.

Now, i don’t know what is the difference between executing the command manually on the Wyse and thru Rapport package?

I believe this is a user based setting and the user has to be manually set default printer rather than doing thru Rapport script. But i cant make this possible because the write filter is on for users and they cannot save any setting. And this is the reason i am setting the default printer thru script so that the setting is saved.

Is this the way the Rapport Package is designed to work? OR i am doing something wrong.

Thanks and more help and advice appreciated.