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All looks good although I don’t think there is a space in the user section:

MR “Proxy.reg””user”

I stripped the space out and it didn’t help. I’m getting this error.

Try 1:FTP Failed:-1 FTP In MergeReg Failed Line#: 11 Cmd:MR “myProxyProxy.reg””user”

This i just an observation, but if you look at the MR command, it’s not displaying , or what the value should be. Is that normal?

Strange question but there is a file in C:inetpubftprootrapportmyProxy called Proxy.reg?

I did verify that the Proxy.reg file exists. In fact, I can map a drive to the thin clients C: drive and watch it create the temporary file, tempreg.reg. At first I thought it might be because this file might exist from a previous failed attempt so I deleted it — but it still creates it. It appears to be an exact duplicate of the reg file that I’ve created right down to the file size. It’s there and getting copied over properly.

But to be honest, now you mention it I would have to check again! I don’t have access to a terminal now, do you mind checking it out and posting back?

The hagent runs as system (you can confirm by logging on as administrator and opening the system applet in the control panel and viwing the logon tab for the hagent service). Any changes to HKCU *should* be made to the system account profile at that point unless there is something intercepting the calls to write to HKCU and translating it, but I don’t believe there is anything doing that.

I did give it a try without the “user” parameter on the MR command, and it still didn’t work. I get this error:

Try 1:FTP Failed:-1 FTP In MergeReg Failed Line#: 11 Cmd:MR

At this point, I think it’s something up with the hagent not liking the reg file. Creating a reg file isn’t rocket science, but it sure is giving me a headache! 🙂

Just to rule out my image, I dumped a fresh image right from Wyse on it. I’m going to try updating the hagent and see if that makes a difference. I’ll update when I have more info!

In the meantime —
Are there any restrictions on the REG file? Do they need to be a certain text format for the Hagent to understand it properly? Line unicode or ascii?