ThinOS Maintenance is disappearing

For years now I am telling you not to ask for ThinOS firmware in the forum.
For years now I had a lot of discussions with customer who hadn’t purchased ThinOS maintenance but need a newer firmware to get a certain fix or feature.
For years now I had uncountable discussions with partner who did not know about ThinOS maintenance and therefore, didn’t offer it to their customer.

These times are gone! Finally! Hurray!! Read more ThinOS Maintenance is disappearing

Update for WMS

Yesterday Dell has posted the newest version of its Management Suite, version 1.2.
Along with a lot of bugfixes, you have these new features:

– Support for the “beast” Wyse 5070
– Ability to tag single or multiple devices and €filters is supported
– New Windows Embedded Standard policy “Skip Write Filter” added
– Filter Enhancement Read more Update for WMS

Wyse Converter For PCs Now Available

This week Dell has released the Wyse Converter For PCs.
WC4PCs is a chargeable tool that can be installed on a Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC to literally convert it into a Thin Client.
This enables organizations to repurpose Windows 7 or Windows 10 PCs into fully optimized thin client-like devices with ease and simplicity. This vendor agnostic software runs on any Dell or non-Dell hardware.
A current limitation is that it only runs on english Windows OS. Non-english support will follow later this year.

WOW. So many new things to talk about – WMS, ThinOS, Easy Setup, Converter for PCs

Hi there, du to some technical issues I was not able to post about all the new stuff that just got release or is on the way. So sorry for that.
I will not talk a lot upfront but directly start with the content itself – as always.

First of all, as many of you already may have seen, Dell has released Wyse Management Suite 1.1.
Although this is just a .1 release, it is fully packed with new feature. Dell announced more that 20 new features in this release. I will only focus on a few of them.

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How to upgrade ThinOS correctly

As I got more and more request on how to upgrade ThinOS device the correct way, I thought it would be a good idea to write a small summary.
I will not explain how to upgrade the clients technically using a fileserver with /wnos folder, etc. This is something I assume you all know.

ThinOS is designed to upgrade or downgrade from any version to any version. However there are a few exceptions:
1) Units with new Dell Mac Address ranges require 8.1_027 or higher code. In newer 8.4_108 code there is actually blocking to prevent downgrades.

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