ThinLinux 2.2 MR3 (Release is now available


– Citrix Workspace App 1912
– RTME 2.8
– Updated the VMware View Client version to 5.3
– Updated the Ericom PowerTerm version to 14.0
– Updated the Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) version to 68.4.2
– Updated the Google Chrome version to 79
– Vulnerability fixes
– Bug fixes

ThinOS 8.6 MR5 got available

As the times are a bit complicated at the moment, I simply forgot to make you all aware, that Dell has release the MR5 for ThinOS 8.6.

The version number is now 8.6_303 and, as always, you can download it for free from

Here are the new features:

Network icon added to taskbar
Show Key feature for Wyse Management Suite group token
Change registration code for Amazon WorkSpaces
Wyse Management Suite Proxy information using DHCP options or DNS SRV records
Supports RC4_HMAC_MD5 for RDP connections
Limit core dumps by clearing NVRAM
ENERGY STAR 8 compliance
Supports TicTok smart cards

ThinOS 9.0 and WMS 2.0 are posted on

Today Dell has posted ThinOS 9.0. A few days ago they already posted WMS 2.0.

While WMS 2.0 is more an evolution product, ThinOS 9 is completely new. Dell has rewritten the whole code as they were kind of stuck when it comes to new enhancements. With the brand new codebase, they are now able again to easily and quickly react to customers’ needs and 3rd-party vendors’ wishes. Important side fact: ThinOS 9 does no longer support INI files. The only way to configure the OS remotely is via WMS 2.0 now.
Here are some facts on the ThinOS 9.0 release:

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