WMS 1.3.1 for Cloud

Next week, Monday 26th of November, Dell will update the cloud version of WMS to version 1.3.1.
This little hotfix will help keeping your licenses in view.
It will extend the license view and you no longer only see one license, but all aquired licenses with their respective end date.
The same fix will not be available for the on-premise version for now.

ThinOS Maintenance is disappearing

For years now I am telling you not to ask for ThinOS firmware in the forum.
For years now I had a lot of discussions with customer who hadn’t purchased ThinOS maintenance but need a newer firmware to get a certain fix or feature.
For years now I had uncountable discussions with partner who did not know about ThinOS maintenance and therefore, didn’t offer it to their customer.

These times are gone! Finally! Hurray!! Read more ThinOS Maintenance is disappearing