Printing in Color for LPDs ThinOS 8.5_009 AIO 5040

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    I’m having issue printing in color for a network printer that I mapped to the Terminal in RDP session.
    Here is the configuration
    PrinterID=”HP Universal Printing PCL 6″
    Class=PCL Enabled=yes

    When I connect to the RDP server, I can see the printer mapped and able to print in black and white but color shows that it is disabled. When I tried to change the printer identification to match the driver of the printer, the driver name is too long to be input.
    The actual driver name is “HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 PCL 6”. But on Printer identification, it only took “HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 PCL “, I couldn’t add the last digit to use the driver. Anyone runs into this issue?

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    I doubt the Universal printer driver is working here.
    You have to work with the correct driver. As the name is too long for the PrinterID field, you would have to use a printer mapping file.
    This is a simple textfile with contains one mapping per line, like this PrinterIdentification=PrinterAlias. Eg. “HP Color LaserJet Pro M452 PCL 6=My color printer”
    Save this printer mapping file as eg. printermap.txt in the same place the wnos.ini file is and add “PrinterMap=printermap.txt” to your wnos.ini.
    Now you can reference the PrinterID “My color printer” in your wnos.ini.


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    That works perfectly, Thank you Thomas.

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