DP Audio Shows up after Reboot when Audio Disabled in Bios

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    Wyse/Dell 5010

    ThinOS Lite 2.5_020 (Actually does it with 2.3_012 as well)

    Scenario: 1

    Normal Use at Wyse Device Level > Peripherals> Audio> Playback Devices

    Nothing plugged in = HD Audio (Only) As Expected

    Scenario: 2

    Disable Audio in Bios = No Device as Expected (Fields Blank)

    Reboot Device = DP Audio

    Power off Device and boot up = No Device as Expected


    So for some reason Reboots make DP Audio Show up.

    Just for Clarity: Always on first Power on No DP Audio

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    Can you try adding
    Device=audio DPAudio=no
    to your INI file?
    Quite strange as D10 has no Display Port Audio support.


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    I know it is very Strange no matter what you can never Click the box to enable DP Audio so not sure where it’s coming from and it only shows up after rebooting see picture which shows “Device=audio DPAudio=no”

    DP Audio

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