ThinOS Maintenance is disappearing

For years now I am telling you not to ask for ThinOS firmware in the forum.
For years now I had a lot of discussions with customer who hadn’t purchased ThinOS maintenance but need a newer firmware to get a certain fix or feature.
For years now I had uncountable discussions with partner who did not know about ThinOS maintenance and therefore, didn’t offer it to their customer.

These times are gone! Finally! Hurray!!

Beginning with the release of the new Wyse 5070, Dell has stopped selling ThinOS maintenance. Since June this year you were able to download the firmware for the 5070 from the Dell eSupport page. The Wyse 3040 followed that starting beginning of August. Most other devices will follow until the end of the year. See below for details.
This means, that from December 2018 onwards we will no longer have the discussion about giving away ThinOS firmware. Of course, this will make our all lives so much easier.

Quote from Dell:

You will simply have to access Dell eSupport page and enter your Asset tag or choose Wyse 3040 thin client from the product list in order to have access to ThinOS firmware downloads, user manuals and technical documentation, warranty details and configuration information – all from one place. Access to all remaining client models will be posted to the eSupport site over the remainder of the year, with the process completing by December 6th, 2018.

Link to the Dell eSupport site is

Another quote from Dell:

Thin client platforms                                  Firmware available on eSupport
(includes all models and
configurations for a given
thin client platform including
ThinOS Lite (aka Xenith)
and PCoIP variations as available)

Wyse 5070
Wyse 5070 Extended                                        June 5th, 2018

Wyse 3040                                                             August 6th, 2018

Wyse 5010
Wyse 5060                                                             September 4th, 2018

Wyse 5040 AIO
Wyse 7010                                                              October 13th, 2018

EOL platforms (existing customers only)
Wyse 3010                                                              October 30th, 2018
Wyse 3020                                                              October 30th, 2018
Wyse 3030 LT                                                         December 6th, 2018

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Hotfix 1 for WMS 1.2 and updated WDA agent for WES

Dell has announced to release a first hotfix for WMS 1.2 and updated WDA agent for WES today.

• Fixed issues.
 WMS software post 1.2 release cannot schedule app policy for single device when the device is under multi-level child Group
 In case of Viewer Admin login, custom logo fails to load post migration from WMS 1.1 to WMS 1.2
 In case where WMS DB Password contains “?” or “*”, Upgrade from WMS 1.1 to 1.2 fails.
 The Installer blocks the Special Character “|” if it is present in DB Password. If External DB password contains Special Character “|”, then WMS 1.2 HF1 Installer will prompt the Admin to change/update the password before proceed for installation.
• WES Wyse Device Agent
Following updates are done in the WDA
 The configurations pushed from WMS Server should be intact even if WMS Server is not reachable.

I was not able to find it now, however I would recommend to monitor as always.