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Welcome to the newly joined FreeWyseMonkeys and Technicalhelp website

We love thin client terminals here at the free monkeys. In fact we love server based computing in general. But when first getting into Wyse thin client there is not enough good information....well the monkeys will share what they know with you!


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New Firmware for Cloud Connect Stick available

Thin Press

Last week Dell has released a new version of firmware for the tiny Cloud Connect (CC) Stick. It will update the stick to build JZ054L-DW-18830. The Android version 4.1.2 is not updated with this firmware.

Below is a list of new features that come with the update. The most interesting features are the ability to now use CC completely without Cloud Client Manager (CCM). So after the update or new users are no longer required to setup a CCM account to get everything up and running.

The second remarkable feature is the support for the CC Controller App. This is an app you can install on your Android phone or tablet and the use it as a virtual keyboard for CC.

As CC is positioned in the Digital Signage market, Dell has integrated a bunch of new feature to better support this market. But see below for details.


Google Certification with Dynamic Touch Support - When connected to a touch screen monitor, Cloud Connect can now access Apps that declare touch in the Google Play Store.

Dell Cloud Connect Controller App - If you have an Android device (phone or tablet), you can download and install the Dell Cloud Connect Controller App from the Google Play store, and then use your Android device to control and interact with Cloud Connect.

Enhanced Out-of-the-Box Experience - Updated easy-to-use setup wizard and desktop interface for faster setup and increased usability. Including the ability to skip CCM setup and integration for users who plan to implement CCM at a later time.

Manual Screen Orientation

Extended Digital Signage File-Based Configuration Framework (FBCF) Support - Ability to:

       · Bulk-provision multiple devices using one SD card

       · Install apps/packages from an SD card

       · Upgrade apps/packages from an SD card

       · Update signage content through an SD card

       · Configure lock-screen settings

       · Enable stay-awake feature

       · Skip standard setup wizard (Keyboard/Mouse/etc.)

       · Skip CCM setup

       · Keep the task-bar always hidden on full-screen apps

       · Configure Cloud Connect to run in kiosk mode

       · Configure Cloud Connect to boot

Posted by tomtom on Friday, June 20, 2014 @ 12:50:01 MEST (571 reads)
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Issues posting in the Forum?

Starting out in thin client Hi, in the last weeks I got some reports, that some of you aren't able to post in the forum getting a message like "Invalid session. Please resubmit the form." It looks like this has to do with the cookie settings in the Forum. Please try to use instead of That should fix your issue. If anyone out there is willing to assist me with this website, I am more than happy. I am not a website expert and really want to use a different framework. So, please contact me, if you have time to help me here. Yours Thomas
Posted by tomtom on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 @ 13:09:55 MEST (538 reads)
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Synergy Announcements

Thin Press Wow, what a long time since I have posted here. Sorry, for that. This month Dell announced 3 brand new products at the Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles. Two of them I have already got my hands on and they are pretty exiting. The first one is based on the Dual-Core ARM plattform that is also used for the T10D.
Posted by tomtom on Friday, May 23, 2014 @ 15:56:55 MEST (968 reads)
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Two more news

Thin Press

Dell Wyse has announced three more products last week.
The first is the successor of the Xenith Pro. It is called Xenit Pro 2 and is based on the already availbale D-class hardware. Therefore this is the worlds-first zero client with a dual-core processor inside based on the Wyse Zero framework  and purpose built for Citrix XenDesktop. The D-class is running an AMD 1.4GHz dual-core G-T48E processor and has 2GB of RAM build in. Dell Wyse is positioning this unit in the high performance market, mainly for using for unified communications, HD multimedia creation and consumption, and other applications where endpoint performance is vital. The unit also offers

  • Optional cutting edge dual-antenna wireless for full 802.11 a/b/g/n with up to 300 Mbps connection speeds
  • Powerful hardware decoding with support for 1080p A/V content and dual digital displays, with rotation

The other two new units are really high, if not ultra-high performance machines. They are called D90Q7 and Z90Q7. Both units run a quad-core (!) processor. The Z90Q7 is driven by an AMD G-series SOC 2.0 GHz quad-core with integrated Radeon HD 8000 graphics chipset. The D90Q7 has an AMD G-Series SOC 1.5GHz with integrated Radeon HD 8000 graphics inbuild. And although this unit has a quard-core processor, the unit is still cooled only passively and consumpts about 15 Watt. So no fan is build in the unit and it is still Energy Star certified. The rest of the hardware is identical to the well known single- and dual-core D- and Z-class units.


Posted by tomtom on Monday, May 27, 2013 @ 17:43:02 MEST (2009 reads)
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Dell Wyse at Citrix Synergy

Thin Press

This week is dominated by the yearly Citrix Synergy that is holding place in Los Angelas. Of course, one of the biggest sponsors is as every year Dell Wyse.
Dell Wyse has quite a big booth at the show and used this space and several good sessions, to present all the latest and greatest they have or will have in the near future.

Things to mention from the show are for sure the release of WE8S (no, this is not a typo). WE8S stands for Windows Embedded 8 Standard. With this release Dell Wyse is the first to market with the new Microsoft Embedded OS. Features like multi-touch, modern UI and gestures and access to Windows 8 apps offer the end user an immersive multimedia experience with all the essential tools for workplace productivity. The Windows Embedded 8 Standard-based D class and Z class thin clients come armed with industry-leading remote protocols including Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 with RemoteFX, Citrix Receiver, Dell vWorkspace Connector, and VMware Horizon View Client.
At the moment of release WE8S will be running on the D- and Z-class. As WE8S is a lot bigger than its succedor, it will need a 16GB flash locally. Other great features of this new OS are the new Write Filter, called Unified Write Filter (UWF), support for direct install of the MS hotfixes, the included SCCM support,  or brand new scripts to easily sysprep the images. The UWF combines the best from the old Enhanced Write Filter, the current File Based Write Filter with several new features. This will allow you to again commit changes on the fly, exclude not only files and folders but also Registry settings and much more.
Although Windows 8 has currently not the best reputation in the market, this again shows the strong relationship between Dell Wyse and Microsoft and of course, the commitment of Dell Wyse to bring the latest technology to the customers.

Dell Wyse also released the new ThinOS 8 code this week. Along with this new firmware itself, they will release it for the first time on a dual core processor. As already presented on this years Cebit as a tech preview, now it is time to get your hands on the upcoming D10D. With the D10D you will get the fastest OS on a superb hardware. And it is not only the hardware that is brand new to ThinOS. Also a lot of features found their way in the new firmware. Here are some of them:
1.       Industry first non-Windows RDP 8 implementation with RemoteFX, TS Gateway, UDP and VOR (H.264 redirection) support.
2.       Custom Citrix Receiver 3.x implementation with seamless, HDX 3D Pro, HDX Multi-stream combined with unique QOS per V-Channel.
3.       Quest vWS support for Desktop and Applications with vWS 8.0 (no compatibility mode required!)
4.       Enhanced wireless support with ability to Scan wireless networks, and save multiple connections into a configurable wireless profile including priority assignment.
5.       Imprivata One Sign Server support for Citrix XA+XD & VMware View; providing improved no click access, single sign-on, and strong authentication login.

Last but not least, Dell Wyse is powering one of their big screen at the booth with its Android driven stick which adds smart functions to every TV. Dell made a lot of noise around this USB stick-like device in the last months but not it looks like they are near the finish line.

Posted by tomtom on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 @ 13:21:18 MEST (5957 reads)
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URGENT: WSM hotfix released to fix licensing issue

WSM - Provisioning

This is really an urgent information that has been sent out today to all WSM customers. Dell Wyse informed them to apply a just released hotfix to their WSM 4,x and 5.x servers as soon as possible but before beginning of June. The reason behind this, is an issue within the licensing mechanism. On June 2nd 2013 each license that has been applied to the servers will become invalid. The WSM server will interpret all licenses after that date as expired, resulting in stopping all functions of the server and no images are provisioned then.

To avoid that bevavior you should install that hotfix directly to all of your WSM server. The hotfix can be downloaded from the download site (

But what about customers still running WSM 3.x or earlier? These customers have two options. First is, if they have a valid maintenance, to upgrade their environment for free to WSM 5.01. If they don't have a maintenance then they either have to pay for the update or contact Wyse to get a new, free, valid and working license. This is, what you should do in this latter case:
a) Log in to the WSM admin console and click on the "About" link on the WSM admin portal (top right corner).
b) Take a screen shot of this page or using the snipping tool (windows 7 and higher) or similar tools take a screen snippet of the "Product License Information"
c) Paste this screen shot/snippet in an email and send it to Dell Wyse will respond to you with a new license file and instructions for installation

Less than 3 weeks to go. So hurry up and patch your environment.

Posted by tomtom on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 13:08:40 MEST (3696 reads)
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Thin OS and Quest vWorkspace

WTOS - Rocking fast and virus immune

Hi Quest vWorkspace users,

just saw this great posting which explains in Detail what to configure to get Dell Wyse Thin OS running with Quest vWorkspace.
Check it out:


Posted by tomtom on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 @ 13:22:41 MET (2929 reads)
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Project Ophelia brings Android to your TV

Thin Press

This week the CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) takes place in Las Vegas. Among many vendor Dell Wyse is one of them. And beside a lot of already well known thin clients, cloud clients or software, Dell Wyse announced a new project called Ophelia.
Ophelia is an Android based USB stick that can be plugged into nearly every TV. The only things your TV has to have is a USB and a HDMI port. If you already have one of the new MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link, then you can use only this one as Ophelia gets its power normally via USB and in the latter case MHL support USB over HDMI.

From that point of view Ophelia does not bring anything really new. You can use your Google Apps, play some games and connect to your infrastructure via RDP. So, assuming you are on the road and do not want to carry your laptop with you, then you can simply plug in this stick to your eg. hotel TV and connect to your server backend to work.
The USB stick is fully manageable via the Cloud Client Manager from Wyse.

The problem, in my opinion, would still be the input device. I haven't seen any touch-enabled TVs in any hotel room I have ever stayed. Maybe I am living not in the best hotels but I don't think this is a standard or will be soon. Therefore you will need a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Any carrying this around plus the USB stick sums up to nearly the sme weight. OK, you can say now that a laptop is not that secure and if you loose this is more risky and more expensive. True, of course. But if this is your concern, then you can switch to the Dell Wyse X-class laptop style thin client. This one is cheap, has no data locally to loose, has an inbuild keyboard and touchpad and the ability to connect your backend also.
In my opinion this would be the better choice. But I am curious to see what Dell Wyse comes up with, when this puppy is really available.

Posted by tomtom on Wednesday, January 09, 2013 @ 16:02:03 MET (2612 reads)
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WSM 5.0.1 is here

WSM - Provisioning

Just before Christmas Dell Wyse has thrown a nice little gift to all of us. They have released the new version of  their provisioning tool called WSM. For those of you, that are not familiar with that product, WSM is a great tool to push Microsoft OS like XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8 to nearly any PC hardware in your company. This all happens purely over the network with nothing to be installed or maintained on the client system. If a client has to be replaced, you just replace the hardware and the server is streaming the selected OS to the client over the wire. That way you only have to manage one image for the entire company. No need to patch, manage, fix or update the image on all clients any more.
Any the best is, that on top of the OS you can also stream the desired applications independently of the OS.

In the new 5.0.1 version (BTW, no idea where version 5.0 stucks and why they directly jumped to 5.0.1), Dell Wyse has implemented

Posted by tomtom on Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 14:00:00 MET (3620 reads)
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How to configure HDX flash to work best with WTOS or Xenith

Thin Press


I have just uploaded a new PDF which describes the best pratices on how to configure HDX flash to work smooth with Thin OS or Xenith devices.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me.


Posted by tomtom on Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 01:49:06 MEST (5859 reads)
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